A significant security risk, which is often completely underestimated, is document and information processing via the multifunctional device (MFP). Virtually every manufacturer of printing devices offers a variety of security features for their MFPs. Most competitors in the market use whitelisting as the highest security level for MFPs. The whitelist functionality often suggests a partnership with an anti-virus provider, which, however, is usually not technically implemented.

Bitdefender® Antivirus i-Option

The goal of sophisticated malware is to gain entrance to the company’s network and create as much damage as possible. It is important to be aware of the fact that today no enterprise is immune to these security risks. By partnering with Konica Minolta, you are taking advantage of industry leading security – Konica Minolta´s Antivirus provided by Bitdefender®

Today’s workplaces and work styles have changed and new threats to our safety are popping up almost daily. That’s why security continues to be a hot topic and major concern. As though the GDPR guidelines for the protection of personal data weren’t already demanding enough, malware and cyber attacks mean new challenges, namely risks and threats, for the every-day running of a company. For instance, the infamous wannaCry infection wave or the DarkHotel as a spy in the hotel room are very unsettling for everyone.

The statistics* on threats in the office environment are certainly alarming: A hacker attack takes place every 39 seconds on average. Every single day sees 230,000 items of new malware emerge, and this staggering number is expected to grow even further. A German telecommunications company, for example, registers up to 46 million cyber attacks per day. Worldwide, three quarters of all companies have clearly felt the consequences of such hacker attacks: critical business data and applications were lost; computer centres could not be accessed for several days. 

The question is no longer whether your company will be the target of an attack – the matter is rather when this will happen and how well you are prepared for this challenge.

*Source: The Quocirca Global Print Security Landscape, 2019 Report & Disaster Preparedness Council, FEMA &, Deutsche Telekom AG 2019


  • All-round carefree subscription: once paid, always usable and secure (for the entire MFP service life)
  • Latest, highly sophisticated technology to protect your devices and your daily business
  • Comprehensive scan of the entire MFP: Full fluoroscopy of documents and files (not just superficial)
  • Scan in real time and on request (as you wish)
  • Automatic updates of the virus scan installation ensure constant protection, even against the latest emerging viruses
  • Display of virus scans, so you can see everything at a glance

Why Bitdefender® is the best solution for you

In cooperation with Bitdefender®, our virus scanning solution is unique in the market, offering comprehensive protection for your MFP(s), thanks to:



Whitelisting operates by defining which applications may be run on a device. However, malicious documents frequently exploit vulnerabilities in whitelisted processes. Whitelisting will not help protect against vulnerabilities; documents need to be scanned for exploits to prevent this happening. At the same time, a lot of malware utilizes a so-called “Living off the land” technique, with malware executing its malicious activity using only those tools that are already installed in the printer image, i.e. are whitelisted. Bitdefender® implements whitelisting differently: No file is whitelisted simply because it has a digital signature. Instead, each process and each document is scanned for being malicious, providing a much higher level of protection.


Once the real-time scan feature in Bitdefender® is enabled, no further settings are required. Regardless of the application, file format or user, all incoming and outgoing data are scanned without additional setup or extra work by the operator.



Further settings can be defined in order to create an extra layer of security. Periodic scanning is possible and enables the administrator to set a specific time to scan all data stored on the device, while whitelisting does not provide such functionality.


Bitdefender® can be updated multiple times per day to include the latest threats detected in the digital office environment and react instantly whenever new vulnerabilities are found. In comparison, whitelisting is a totally static approach. For instance, if a new vulnerability is detected in the printer software, users have to wait until this is fixed by the printer manufacturer, which can take months.


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